Recycling Market Development Zone


Sacramento, one of the fastest growing regions in the nation, is located northeast of San Francisco. The Sacramento Regional Recycling Market Development Zone (SRRMDZ) encompasses all of Sacramento County and the City of West Sacramento, and the unincorporated community of Clarksburg in Yolo County. Cities in the Sacramento County portion include Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Folsom, Galt, and Sacramento. The zone is over 994 square miles of which more than 42 square miles is zoned industrial.


Business Environmental Resource Center

The Sacramento County Business Environmental Resource Center (BERC) is the administering agency for the SRRMDZ and is the primary point of contact for a vast network of businesses resources. BERC offers many services and incentives that can result in streamlined permitting processes, decreased regulatory requirements and compliance costs, increased process efficiency, improved workplace health and safety, reduced waste disposal costs, and enhanced environmental quality.

  • Free and confidential consultative services for both environmental and nonenvironmental issues.
  • Coordinated consultation to help businesses obtain the required permits as quickly and smoothly as possible with no surprises.
  • Regulatory/technical services, such as identifying pollution-prevention opportunities, determining permitting requirements, and facilitating inter-agency team meetings designed to simplify and expedite the permitting process.
  • Pollution prevention assessments
  • Market development for previously discarded materials
  • Business advocacy services include providing fact sheets, guidance documents, ombudsman/facilitation services, as well as conducting seminars and workshops.
  • Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency

    The Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency (SHRA) markets various State tax incentives including hiring credits for five years, sales or use tax credit on manufacturing equipment, business expense deduction, net operating loss carryover, and a net interest deduction for lenders. A new Special Economic Development Loan Program from SHRA is available to a wider range of areas than the current commercial corridors of the redevelopment and Community development Block Grant (CDBG) areas Special Economic Development Loan Program is available to commercial businesses within State-designated Enterprise Zones, CDBG eligible, or redevelopment areas.

    Other SHRA incentives include:
    • EnterFund: Adirect loan program for small businesses, including start-ups, newly established, or growing small businesses, which are unable to access capital through conventional lenders.
    • GROW Sacramento Fund (GSF): A loan program designed for energy-related businesses ventures.
    • Enterprise Zone and Local Agency Military Base Recovery Area (LAMBRA) facilitates the attraction and retention of businesses at the former McClellan and Mather Air Force Bases.
    • Enterprise Zones: Located within the Sacramento Army Depot and Florin Perkins area, as well as the City of West Sacramento.
    • Environmental Phase I Report Grant Program: Provides interested parties with a professional Phase I Environmental Report at no charge.
    • Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund: Fnances the cleanup of blighted properties in redevelopment areas.
    • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program: Provides businesses with federal hiring credits ranging from $1,500-$8,500 for employing individuals from targeted groups.
    City and County

    The Sacramento County Department of Economic Development provides a mixture of incentive options that may include unsecured property tax rebates (for a fixed number of years), tax exempt financing, construction of off-site improvements, fee rebates/deferrals for certain capital impact fees (regional sanitation connection fees, roadway and transit impact fees, various development fees).

    The City of Sacramento offers a Development Impact Fee Deferral Program to assist businesses and prospective companies that create jobs and provide a community benefit by deferring certain impact fees for a period of up to 3 years. This provides a financial incentive by spreading out fixed payments over time without charging interest. In addition, businesses within the city and county may be eligible to take advantage of discounted sewer connection fees under the Economic Development Treatment Capacity Bank which can provides a 60 percent discount of the sewer impact fees normally paid by a qualified business.

    Other Incentives
    • California Capital Small Business Development Corporation: Bank loans provide working capital, funds for expansion, inventory, equipment and improvements of facilities.
    • Removal of Underground Storage Tanks (RUST): Provides loans to remove, upgrade, replace or repair underground storage tanks.
    • Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) Loan Guarantee Program: Offers a line of credit not exceeding $500,000 for small businesses that contract or subcontract with SMUD.
    • Center for International Trade Development (CITD): Offers access to experienced professionals with trade expertise.
    • Business Information Centers: Provide free information and technical assistance designed to help entrepreneurs start, operate, and grow their businesses.
    • McGeorge School of Law, Business & Community Development Clinic: Provides free legal advice to selected existing and startup businesses located in Sacramento area.
    • Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE): Retired business executives volunteer their time and expertise to provide one-on-one counseling to small business owners and those wanting to start new businesses.
    • California Manufacturing Technology Center (CMTC): Helps promote the competitiveness of the state’s smaller manufacturers and provides manufacturing companies with business and technical consultants.

    All of these agencies, organizations, and programs provide needed services and deal with an array of issues to assist businesses obtain permits, financial resources, tax credits, and employees.

    Target Materials

    Materials identified to provide businesses with continuous feedstock include mixed paper/fiber, corrugated containers, old newsprint, mixed plastic, construction and demolition debris, green/yard waste, and wood waste. The SRRMDZ is also prepared to target any materials not currently being collected that are identified as a marketable for cost-effective diversion such as glass, electronic waste (e-waste), and agricultural wastes (e.g., rice hulls).


    Recycling: Within the unincorporated area, residential curbside collection services are currently being expanded. The City of Sacramento is also in the midst of a citywide expansion to provide source-separated curbside collection to all residents. Paper feedstock is the largest general category of recovered recyclables, followed by glass and wood. Contracts with public and private haulers provide services for commercial, residential and industrial collection.

    Real estate and transportation: A significant advantage of the greater Sacramento area is its proximity to large markets. Virtually the entire state of California is within one day's driving distance. The SRRMDZ is situated at the hub of several north/south and east/west highways, and with a deep-water port, an international airport, and transcontinental rail lines, the location enjoys considerable advantages. Ground transportation is provided by freeways 5, 50, 80, and 99, and rail access runs through the entire area. Three airports serve the SRRMDZ--the Sacramento International Airport, Mather Airport (formerly Mather Air Force Base), and Sacramento Executive Airport.

    The area represents one of the highest concentrations of distribution, warehousing, and light manufacturing businesses in the metropolitan Sacramento area. In addition, there are adequate sewer, water, and electrical resources available for current and future development needs.


    Frank Severson

    Business Assistance
    1001 I Street
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    Phone: (916) 341-6259
    County: Sacramento
    CalRecycle Contact: Frank Severson

    Recycling Market Development Zone Program:
    Zone Assistance: Regional Zone Contacts or, (916) 341-6199