Recycling Market Development Zone

Chico/Northern Butte

The Chico/Northern Butte County Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ) is located in the fertile Sacramento Valley, 60 miles north of Sacramento and approximately 120 miles northeast of San Francisco. Bordered by the Sacramento River to the west and Sierra Nevada foothills to the east, the region has a wealth of natural resources, and contains some of the richest agricultural land in the nation. Chico is the largest of the five incorporated cities in Butte County. The Chico/Northern Butte County RMDZ encompasses approximately 130 square miles in the northern portion of the county. It includes the City of Chico and adjacent industrial property and additional unincorporated county areas west and south of the sphere.


The Chico/Northern Butte County RMDZ local incentives include a Development Impact Fee Deferral program; Business License Tax Rebate/Waiver; database of vacant property; project development review; and financial and technical support to recycling businesses.

Target Materials

The Chico/Northern Butte County zone has targeted paper fibers, agricultural crop residue, plastics, tires, and wood waste for manufacturing development.


The zone area is primarily served by State Highways 99 (north-south arterial) and 32 (east-west arterial, intersecting with Interstate 5 to the west). Southern Pacific Railroad offers regular freight service to the zone operating approximately 28 trains per day. Amtrak offers passenger service to Chico as part of its San Joaquin line. In addition to the State highways, the city and the county maintain an extensive local street network serving all areas of the proposed zone. The city also operates and maintains the Chico Municipal Airport, which includes commercial air service to San Francisco on United Express Airlines. A fixed base operator provides general aviation aircraft and charter services. Over $200 million in capital improvements are planned for existing infrastructure.


Linda Herman

Park & Natural Resource Manager
P.O. Box 3420
Chico, CA 95927
Phone: (530) 896-7241
FAX: (530) 895-2634
County: Butte
CalRecycle Contact: Frank Severson

Recycling Market Development Zone Program:
Zone Assistance: Regional Zone Contacts or, (916) 341-6199