Recycling Market Development Zone


The 1,021 square mile Yolo County Recycling Market Development Zone includes all the incorporated and unincorporated areas except for the City of West Sacramento and the unincorporated area of Clarksburg. The participating incorporated cities of Yolo County are Davis, Winters, and Woodland. West Sacramento is part of the Sacramento Regional District. Yolo County, the one of the original 27 California counties, is situated in the northern portion of the Sacramento Valley. With the presence of UC Davis and farming throughout the county, Yolo County is rich in agriculture and tourism.


Yolo County RMDZ is currently an area qualifying for PG&E’s Economic Development Enhanced Rate Reduction program for new businesses.  Businesses in the incorporated cities or county should apply directly to the cities or county to understand the range of financial and economic incentives and opportunities available. There are a variety of tax credits and other additional state incentives available for private companies that will be hiring qualified employees.

Target Materials

Local officials and businesses are interested in using innovative technologies to manufacture products from secondary materials such as organics, construction and demolition material, plastics, paper and glass.


Transportation: Yolo County is located approximately 20 miles north of Sacramento along the State’s major north/south corridor, Interstate 5 and just 9 miles north of the I-80 which connects the Sacramento Valley to San Francisco, just 75 miles to the southwest.   The Sacramento International Airport is eight miles to the southeast along I-5. Roadway transportation in the zone includes Highways 505, 16, 45, 84, 113, 128 and is situated at the confluence of I-5 and I-80, the major roadways connecting to the north, south, east and west.

Commercial and passenger rail and air service are also available for business needs. In addition, there are many industrially zoned sites and business parks available and equipped to handle manufacturing operations.


Erika Bumgardner

Economic Development
300 First St
Woodland, CA 95695
Phone: (530) 661-5886
County: Yolo
CalRecycle Contact: Frank Severson


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Recycling Market Development Zone Program:
Zone Assistance: Regional Zone Contacts or, (916) 341-6199