AB 876 (Organics Management Infrastructure Planning)

In October 2015 the Governor signed AB 876 (McCarty, Chapter 593, Statutes of 2015) to address longer-term planning for organics infrastructure. Counties and regional agencies were required to report information in the Electronic Annual Report (EAR) commencing on August 1, 2017. Web reports are available for the following data reported by each County and/or Regional Agency:

An estimate of the amount of organic waste in cubic yards that will be disposed by the county or region over a 15-year period. (Note: CalRecycle received clarification from the author that it is the amount of organic waste to be disposed that should be estimated. Additionally, it is not necessary to conduct a waste characterization study since the focus is on estimating how much material will be disposed in the future.)
An estimate of the additional organic waste recycling facility capacity in cubic yards that will be needed to process the amount of organic waste identified in (1) above.

Locate jurisdiction contacts (city, county, or regional agency) and/or CalRecycle staff assigned to a jurisdiction for more information.

CalRecycle has completed an initial high-level assessment of aggregate data submitted in the 2016 EAR and have prepared a draft analysis of the AB 876 data received. The analysis consists of draft findings, recommendations of potential revisions to the EAR, and supporting needs for the capacity planning requirements in SB 1383: AB 876 Problem Statement and Recommendations

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