Local jurisdictions are required to implement a commercial waste recycling program that includes education, outreach and monitoring of regulated/covered businesses. This report provides information regarding those efforts by jurisdiction and reporting year. Please see the Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling (MORe) Diversion Program System report for jurisdiction information about mandatory commercial organics recycling per AB 1826.

For additional information listed by jurisdiction, select "Commercial On-Site Pickup" from the Diversion Program Detail Summary to show diversion program details including Collection Targets, Collection Types, and Material Types Collected.

Locate jurisdiction contacts (city, county, or regional agency) and/or CalRecycle staff assigned to a jurisdiction for more information. CalRecycle advises businesses to contact their "Annual Report Contacts" or "Jurisdiction Contacts" to find out how to recycle in their community and if there are any specific requirements in their community. Communities may have mandatory commercial recycling ordinances with different thresholds or more specific business recycling requirements than the state law. The local recycling coordinator also may have related business opportunities and/or resources to share.

      Advisory! Data has been posted as reported by the jurisdiction. Accuracy of the data has not been verified by CalRecycle. The data posted is based on Annual Reports submitted by jurisdictions and represents only those jurisdictions’ data that has been viewed by CalRecycle staff.

      Data updated continuously.
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