Jurisdiction Waste Diversion Program Summary

This report shows operating programs for a selected jurisdiction and year. For a listing of component types and programs, see the Program Glossary. Only diversion programs that were operating during the selected year(s) are included in the report. Operating programs have a status code of “SI”, “SO”, “AI”, or “AO” for the selected year(s). For additional information on status codes, see the Status Code list.

For more information on specific jurisdictions, please contact CalRecycle's Local Assistance and Market Development staff.

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    Advisory! Diversion Program Information is updated by CalRecycle staff and is subject to change. Diversion program data is based on Annual Reports submitted by jurisdictions and represents only those jurisdictions reviewed by CalRecycle staff. Diversion program data on the web site may be unavailable if Annual Reports have not been submitted by jurisdictions or data has not been reviewed and/or entered by CalRecycle staff.

    Data updated continuously.
    Local Government Central: https://www2.calrecycle.ca.gov/LGCentral
    Contact: Local Assistance & Market Development - LAMD@calrecycle.ca.gov (916) 341-6199