Landfill Tonnage Reports

On a quarterly basis, each operator of a California disposal facility that is required to have a permit must pay the integrated waste management (IWM) fee for each ton of nonhazardous solid waste landfilled at their facility. Use the form below to generate reports showing the amounts subject to the fee as reported by the operators. Reports can be sorted by county or by facility.

The county reflects the location of the facility—waste may have been generated elsewhere. Facility names and numbers are as entered in the CalRecycle’s Solid Waste Facility Information System (SWIS).

Landfill Tonnage Reports are currently available from Quarter 1, 1990 through Quarter 4, 2023.

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    This information reflects the amount of waste that is landfilled, or disposed, in California rather than the total amount of waste generated in California. The fee is not paid on waste that is recycled or transformed, or inert waste that is not disposed in a solid waste landfill.

    No fee payment is owed if, during a quarter, a facility accepted less than an average of five tons per day of operation. Since the fee only applies to facilities in California, waste that is exported for disposal outside of California is not reported.

    Solid waste incinerators also are not subject to the IWM fee and thus also do not report the waste they accept. Incinerator ash, however, is included in the tonnage reports of facilities that dispose of it. The figures also do not reflect inert waste disposed of by facilities that accept inert waste exclusively on lands where surface mining operations were conducted when the disposal is for purposes of reclamation, as specified.