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Beverage Container Recycling Program: General Information

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11/17/2014 12:00 PM


**REMINDER** DORIIS Upgrade Outage Notification (Fri. 11/21 at Noon – Mon. 11/24 at 8 a.m.)



DORIIS Will Be Unavailable from Friday (11/21) at Noon through Monday (11/24) at 8:00 a.m.

An upgrade of the DORIIS automated system has been scheduled to occur during the period of 12:00 p.m. Friday, November 21st through 8:00 a.m. Monday, November 24th. The upgrade is focused on changes to the underlying hardware and software and there will be no visible or functional changes in the participant portal. Since DORIIS will not be available during the upgrade period, CalRecycle requests that you schedule your DORIIS activities for before or after the upgrade window.  

If Needed, Interim Processing Procedure for Shipping Report Information during the Outage.

As Recycling Centers and Processors are aware, all Shipping Reports and Processor Invoices must be entered via DORIIS. However, since DORIIS will be unavailable during the outage period, the following procedure will allow Shippers to continue primary business functions during the outage, if desired, while remaining in compliance with DOR regulations. The interim process involves a simple adjustment to business practices for the outage period only:

    • "Interim" Shipping Report – Participants may use the pre-approved "interim" Shipping Report found here to document shipments during the outage period as a method for continuing shipments and maintaining records. When access is again available to the DORIIS automated system, Shipping Report information must be entered into DORIIS. The Shipping Report information will then be available to Processors to subsequently complete their Processor Invoice Report to be submitted via DORIIS.  

Again, this interim procedure applies only to the process for preparing a Shipping Report. Processor invoices, handling fee applications, distributor and manufacturer reports, and all other reports must be submitted either prior to or following the upgrade.  

Please check the FAQ for more information or contact CalRecycle at the following:  

Recycling Center and Processor Questions
one: (916) 322-1655

Beverage Manufacturer and Distributor Questions
Phone: (916) 323-1837



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