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6/2/2015 1:00 PM


Notice - List of Importers Reporting Shipments to CalRecycle – April 2015

This message is to inform program participants and interested stakeholders of an update to the CalRecycle notice dated Wednesday, November 12, 2014.

CalRecycle has updated the Importer List (Imported Material Reports (IMRs) submitted by persons importing empty beverage container material into California) to include the period of April 2015. The information includes the importer’s name, vehicle license plate number, and type of vehicle used to import empty beverage container materials. A new addition to the Importer List will now include the destination address. The Importer List will be updated by the end of each month and will be posted to the CalRecycle webpage and DORIIS portal landing page.


Below you will find the links to both the notice and the importer list:


List of Importers


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