Public Meeting Notice: October 20, 2021 Statewide Commission on Recycling Markets and Curbside Recycling

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10/20/2021 8:00AM

10/20/2021 12:30PM

Public Meeting Live Webcast:

Laura Moreno

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CalRecycle is posting this public notice and any related documents on behalf of the Statewide Commission on Recycling Markets and Curbside Recycling. Documents for Commission meetings are posted here. Please be advised that these documents are hosted outside of CalRecycle's domain. CalRecycle does not maintain or control the contents of the host site or the linked documents.


 Statewide Commission on Recycling Markets and Curbside Recycling Public Notice and Agenda

Date: October 20, 2021

Time: 8:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Location: Remote

Webcast: Public Meeting Live Webcasts

Public Comment Portal


Agenda Item 1: 8:00 am (5 minutes) Call to Order, Roll Call, and Establishment of Quorum

Formal proceedings to bring the Commission meeting to order. 

Agenda Item 2: 8:05 am (10 minutes) Review and Potential Approval of Meeting Notes

The Commission will review and potentially approve meeting notes from the September 15, 2021 Committee of the Whole meeting and the October 6, 2021 Commission meeting.

Agenda Item 3: 8:15 am (10 minutes) Public Comment Review - Items Not on the Agenda

At this time, any member of the public may address the Commission on matters not listed on this agenda. Participants are encouraged to reserve their comments for regular matters listed on this agenda for the time the item is considered by the Commission. Please note that no discussion or action may be taken on any item that is not listed on the agenda. Comments will be limited to 1 minute or 150 words.

Agenda Item 4: 8:15 am (1 hour, 30 minutes) Presentations and Discussions around Management of Aerosol Products

The following organizations will present for up to 10 minutes each:

·        Andrew Johnstone

·        Household and Commercial Products Association

·        Mark Kurshner (ProductCare)

·        Paintcare

Break 9:45 am (30 minutes)

Agenda Item 5: 10:15 am (30 minutes) OPA Presentation and Discussion

CalRecycle’s Office of Public Affairs will present on progress from the Education and Outreach Campaign.

Agenda Item 6: 10:45 am (1 hour, 20 minutes) Report Outs from All Two-Person Committees

The following two-person committees will provide updates on work progress:

Waste Reduction, Recycling, and Other:

1.     Waste Prevention: Schneider, Ward

2.     Bottle Bill issues: Ward, Valle

3.     Liaison with Oregon Department of Environmental Quality: Toyoda, Lapis

4.     Carpet and Flooring: Davis, Sanborn

5.     Single-use plastics and artificial turf: Schneider, Ward

6.     Right to repair: Davis, Ward

7.     Methane emissions reductions: Cadena, Davis

8.     Report Structure and Editing, Plus HHW, EPR & Other Items: Sanborn, Ward

Market Development:

9.     Construction and Demolition for Market Development Committee: Sanborn, Toyoda

10.  Thermoforms: Davis, Sanborn


11.  Organic Materials Renewable Technologies: Skye, Oseguera

12.  Food Waste Prevention and Rescue, Exports and Precautionary Principle: Skye, Lapis

13.  Organic materials Infrastructure: Oseguera, Kalpakoff

14.  Organics contamination: Kalpakoff, Toyoda

15.  Organics procurement: Kalpakoff, Oseguera

Labeling and Media:

16.  Contamination, labeling, and outreach: Dell, Valle

Agenda Item 7: 12:05 pm (10 minutes) Data Review and Requests

The Commission may request additional data and/or information from CalRecycle.

Agenda Item 8: 12:15 pm (10 minutes) Next Meeting and Agenda Items for Future Meetings

Discuss future agenda items and future meetings all being 3 hours. The next commission meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 3, 2021 from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm.

Agenda Item 9: 12:25 pm (5 minutes) Meeting Summary and Closing

Closing remarks and summary of goals achieved during the meeting.


For further information about this meeting, please contact Laura Moreno at, (916) 323-5355, or 801 K Street, Mailstop 17-01, Sacramento, CA 95814. 

Meeting Information:

Discussion and action may be taken on any item on the Commission meeting agenda. This notice and agenda, and any available meeting minutes and materials, can be found on the Statewide Commission on Recycling Markets and Curbside Recycling webpage. The time and order of agenda items are approximate and subject to change at the discretion of CalRecycle and the Commission Chair to facilitate the effective transaction of business.

Under Government Code section 11123(a), all meetings of a state body are open and public, and all persons are permitted to attend any meeting of a state body, except as otherwise provided in that article.

Pursuant to Executive Order N-29-20, certain provisions of the Bagley Keene Open Meeting Act are suspended due to a State of Emergency in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Consistent with the Executive Order, this Commission meeting will be conducted by teleconference only. None of the locations from which Commissioners will participate will be open to the public. The public may observe the meeting via live webcast online by accessing the meeting link at Public Meeting Live Webcasts.

Members of the public who wish to comment during the meeting may do so using the Commission’s public participation portal found at Public Comment Portal. When using the Public Comment Portal, please select “Statewide Commission Comment” from the initial drop-down menu and indicate which Committee or Commission agenda item your comment pertains to. During the live webcast, CalRecycle or the Commission Chair, at their discretion, will apportion available time among those who wish to have their comments read aloud during the meeting. Please note that, due to time constraints written comments should be limited to 150 words or less. It should be noted that, the Commission will be unable to take any action on matters received from the public that have not been placed on the agenda. The Commission will, however, determine whether action on such matters should be scheduled on a future agenda.

Persons who, due to a disability, need assistance in order to participate in this meeting should, prior to the meeting, contact Laura Moreno at (916) 323-5355 (voice), (e-mail). TTY/TDD and Speech-to-Speech users may dial 7-1-1 for the California Relay Service to submit comments on an agenda item or to request special accommodations for persons with disabilities. 

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