Public Meeting Notice: July 18, 2013 Workshop on MRF Performance Standards: Comparable to Source Separation

Event Information

7/18/2013 9:30AM

7/18/2013 12:30PM

The Centre at Sycamore Plaza, Wiengart A Ballroom, 5000 Clark Avenue, Lakewood, CA 90712

Michelle.Caballero 916-322-4032,
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This is the third in a series of workshops to explore developing performance standards for MRFs.The same material will be presented in Sacramento on July 16 and in Southern California (Lakewood) on July 18.


Staff will present a detailed walk through of one proposed approach for determining if mixed waste processing facilities (MWPFs) are comparable to source separation.Discussion will include definitions, certification process, numerical standards, and a MWPF evaluation process.This workshop is designed to foster a productive discussion of the specifics related to “comparable to source separation”.Nothing is set in stone.We plan to work through the issues and get it right.


NOTE:This workshop will deal with the “comparable to source separation” topic only.

Presentations from previous workshops:

§September 19, 2012 Workshop Presentation


Workshop Details:

· To attend meeting in person, see “Event Information” below.Free parking is located behind the Sycamore Plaza and Library.


· Send questions, comments, and concerns to


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