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Building and Buying Green in Indian Country: A Practical Guide for California Tribes (433-2004-0004)




Green Building
Buy Recycled

How-to guide

This comprehensive guide provides tribal project decisionmakers and planners with an overview of "green" building practices to help them evaluate and choose sustainable options as they develop projects with architects, contractors, suppliers, or other building professionals. The guide offers a range of ideas for any type of building project in any climate. It consists of 10 stand-alone modules. Modules 1-3: overview of sustainable development and suggestions to California Tribes on how to effectively promote and fund sustainable building projects; Modules 4-10: overviews of primary green building elements and design strategies. Each strategy module includes a list of resources and tools, such as fact sheets, policy models, and product specifications. The guide was envisioned and funded by the California Integrated Waste Management Board and was developed and co-authored by the Center for Indian Community Development, the Center of Environmental and Economic Development, and Boisson and Associates.