Environmental Justice Compost Facility Map

This environmental justice (EJ) map provides information and transparency regarding the siting of facilities that handle organic materials. The map is comprised of facility sites from CalRecycle’s Solid Waste Information System (SWIS) overlaid with CalEnviroScreen, 3.0, a screening tool that identifies communities that are disproportionately burdened by multiple sources of pollution.

This EJ map provides important information in light of SB 1383 implementation and the estimated siting and operation of 50 to 100 new large-scale organic waste facilities to achieve the state’s 75 percent organic waste recycling goal. This map helps relay information about existing facilities, including permitting, enforcement, and inspection documentation, site location, and contact information. This EJ map is intended to foster dialogue and awareness regarding the decision-making process, public health and safety, economic opportunity, and the overall well-being of California’s communities in the siting of solid waste facilities.


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