CalRecycle Staff Directory

Organization Units

Public Affairs Office
Maria West (916) 341-6625 Deputy Director Communications Director
Media and Creative Services Section
Heather Jones (916) 319-9936 Manager Information Officer II
Christina Files (916) 341-6176 Staff Information Officer I (Specialist)
Diane O'Leary (916) 341-6309 Staff Graphic Designer III
Oscar Arriaga (916) 341-6307 Staff Graphic Designer III
Outreach and Operations Section
Lance Klug (916) 341-6293 Manager Information Officer II
Paul Wellendorf (916) 341-6191 Support Staff Office Technician (General)
Sondra Reynolds (916) 324-1260 Support Staff Office Technician (Typing)
Chris McSwain (916) 341-6379 Staff Information Officer I (Specialist)
Cyndy Paulsen (916) 319-9938 Staff Recycling Specialist II
Sydney Fong (916) 341-6297 Staff Information Officer I (Specialist)
Louise Ramos (916) 319-9937 Division Liaison Associate Governmental Program Analyst