CalRecycle Staff Directory

Organization Units

Permits and Assistance South Section
Jeff Hackett (916) 341-6413 Manager Environmental Program Manager I (Supervisory)
Joy Isaacson (916) 341-6772 Staff Environmental Scientist
Financial Assurances Unit
Richard Castle (916) 341-6343 Supervisor Research Data Supervisor II
Christina Reese (916) 341-6155 Staff Associate Governmental Program Analyst
Elizabeth Felix (916) 341-6323 Staff Research Data Specialist I
Jonalyn Bajurin (916) 341-6715 Staff Research Data Specialist I
Karisa Carlos (916) 341-6373 Staff Research Data Analyst II
Permits and Assistance South Unit
Benjamin Escotto (916) 341-6138 Supervisor Senior Environmental Scientist (Supervisory)
Cody Oquendo (916) 341-6719 Staff Environmental Scientist
Dianne Ohiosumua (951) 782-4168 Staff Environmental Scientist
Megan Emslander (916) 341-6363 Staff Environmental Scientist