California TDP Catalog

TIRE BUSINESS ASSISTANCE PROGRAM • Preventative Tire Sealant Finely ground recycled rubber and a binder combine to create a tire sealant that pays for itself with one avoided down time Location: a Public Works Division, CA Vendor: reRubber Distributor: Pilot Automotive C alifornia tires diverted from landfills : A five gallon container of recycled tire rubber sealant contains three-fourths of one scrap tire. Overview : The streetsweeping division within a Public Works Division often spends a fair amount of time replacing or repairing tires. In their daily routes, street sweepers frequently run over nails, bolts and other sharp objects resulting in punctures to the tires. Prior to using the tire sealant, a punctured tire resulted in two to three hours of down time for both the truck and the driver. One Public Works Division in California installed recycled rubber tire sealant into each of the six large tires of its fleet of street sweepers and a pick-up truck. The average time to install the tire sealant was 30 minutes per tire. Historically the life of the street sweeper tire was two years. Based on the positive results of using this recycled rubber tire sealant, this DPW adopted the Best Management Practice (BMP) of installing tire sealant when a tire is replaced. Years installed : 2012 and 2013