California TDP Catalog

TIRE BUSINESS ASSISTANCE PROGRAM • The recycled rubber sidewalk was installed over six years ago and according to Mr. Mirth “is still smooth.” Poured in place rubber sidewalks are long lasting, durable, and require very little maintenance in comparison with standard cement and asphalt. Year installed : 2008 Benefits :  Easy to install  Reduced stormwater runoff as the permeable treewell allows rainwater to percolate through to tree roots  Supports healthy urban tree growth  Reduces heat island effect  Flexible to prevent cracking and heaving  Reduces tripping hazards Installation process : Crumb rubber made from recycled tires is mixed with a bonding agent. The mixture is poured over a prepared sub-base and troweled evenly into place. After curing, this base layer is topped with a wear layer of virgin colored rubber mixed a bonding agent, poured into place, troweled to the level of surrounding sidewalk and curbs, and cured over a 24-hour period. A wide variety of high-quality, proven products are made from California’s recycled tires. For more information, and a list of vendors, visit CalRecycle online at: Always remember to ask for products made from 100% California recycled tires! Disclaimer: References to individual businesses and products does not constitute an endorsement by CalRecycle. CalRecycle makes no warranty, express or implied, and assumes no liability for the information provided here.