RDRS Report 1: Overall Jurisdiction Tons for Disposal and Disposal Related Uses

The data shown in these reports are updated nightly, reflecting the most current origins information contained in RDRS. These data are subject to change if reporting entities submit revisions to their quarterly reports. These data have not been verified by CalRecycle staff and represent what reporting entities submitted to CalRecycle in their quarterly RDRS submissions.

Local governments should work with reporting entities to identify errors and encourage them to correct reporting errors and produce accurate information. Reporting entities must report accurately as required by statute and regulation. Local governments may review some reporting entity records pursuant to Public Resources Code, section 41821.5(g).

If the above steps do not resolve the issue with the reporting entity, please submit that information to RDRS@CalRecycle.ca.gov along with documentation establishing your belief that the information contained in RDRS is incorrect. If you have specific allegations of non-compliance by a reporting entity, contact RDRS@CalRecycle.ca.gov and identify the reporting entity and the facts upon which the allegation is based so CalRecycle may investigate appropriately.

As of January 1, 2020, the use of green material as ADC does not constitute diversion through recycling. Green material ADC reported in RDRS will be considered disposal for purposes of measuring a jurisdiction’s 50 percent per capita disposal rate. See Assembly Bill (AB) 1594 (Williams, Chapter 719, Statutes of 2014), for more information.



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