Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Sharps Disposal Plans Listing

Certain pharmaceutical manufacturers must submit annual reports to CalRecycle describing actions taken by the manufacturer (if any) concerning their support, provision of, and or consumer education efforts related to safe collection and proper disposal of sharps. Learn more about the pharmaceutical manufacturer sharps disposal plan mandates.

CalRecycle has received sharps collection and disposal plans from the entities listed below. Other entities in addition to pharmaceutical manufacturers provide for the safe collection and disposal of sharps. CalRecycle will also post these voluntarily submitted sharps collection and waste disposal plans from entities not mandated to submit plans at the bottom of this listing. See additional caveats/disclaimers at the bottom of this page.

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    Plans showing a previous year date stamp notified CalRecycle that their existing plan could continue to be used without change. CalRecycle is following up with known pharmaceutical manufacturers to determine whether they are subject to the reporting requirement. Additional plans will be posted here as the are received. Inclusion in this listing does not constitute CalRecycle's endorsement of the company or its product(s). CalRecycle makes no representation that the lists are complete, current, or accurate. Other disclaimers apply. To add or remove companies from the lists, contact Such changes are subject to the discretion of CalRecycle.