Countywide, Regionwide, and Statewide Jurisdiction Diversion / Disposal Progress Report

This report provides both summary and detailed information on biennial review status, Jurisdiction Review status, diversion rates, disposal rates, and waste diversion program implementation for all California jurisdictions. Users can group jurisdictions by county, by specific geographic regions, or by the entire state. Users can further customize reports by selecting criteria such as report year, diversion rate range, disposal rate achievement, and/or biennial review or Jurisdiction Review status.


      Staff Reviewed Tons: Corrected disposal tons after a Report-year disposal modification certification allowed by CalRecycle during Staff Review of the Electronic Annual Report which may be different than default disposal tons as found in the Disposal Reporting System (DRS).

      Jurisdiction Diversion/Disposal Rate Summary
      On-Line Disposal Rate Calculator
      Biennial/Jurisdiction Review Status Definitions

      Data updated continuously.
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