Business Group Waste Stream by Material Type

This page displays composition by material type and stream for a specified Business Group and California jurisdiction(s). View data by all Business Groups summed or by an individual group. Tons in the first 4 streams add across rows to give Total Generation. Percents show the proportion each material contributes to each stream, and they add down the columns to give 100%. For example, the group Retail Trade-All Other in a city may recycle 300 tons of cardboard which is 30 percent of the recycling stream for that group. Data includes contamination, such as food in the recycling stream. Select a Summary button to view a material's distribution among business groups, or view waste stream data for all business groups. You can also view residential composition for the disposed stream.

      Material TypeDisposed Tons%Curbside Recycle Tons%Curbside Organics Tons%Other Diversion Tons%Total Generation Tons%


    Commercial waste compositions and generation rates are statewide averages developed from sampling at 50 individual businesses, scattered throughout the state, for each business group. A jurisdiction’s estimates are based on these data and not on sampling at individual businesses in that jurisdiction.


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