Commercial Waste Stream by Business Group

This page displays estimates of the amounts of materials in the disposal and diversion streams for each business group in the selected jurisdiction(s). View data by all materials summed or by an individual material. Tons in the first 4 streams add across rows to give Total Generation. Percents show the proportion each group contributes to each stream, and they add down the columns to give 100%. For example, restaurants in a city may dispose 5,000 tons of material which is 20 percent of all material disposed by the commercial sector of the city. Select a Details button to view the complete composition profile for that group, or view composition for all business groups summed together. You can also view residential composition for the disposed stream.



    Commercial waste compositions and generation rates are statewide averages developed from sampling at 50 individual businesses, scattered throughout the state, for each business group. A jurisdiction’s estimates are based on these data and not on sampling at individual businesses in that jurisdiction.


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