Waste Characterization Studies Listing

This page contains a brief synopsis of each of the waste characterization studies that have been conducted by CalRecycle (or the former CIWMB, California Integrated Waste Management Board). Additionally, each description contains links to the published study, as well as other supporting documents and data.



Using Waste Study Data

Data from the 2014 studies has been combined with local data to build a tool that estimates waste stream data for California jurisdictions. Use it to look at what might be expected in disposal, recycling, and organics streams from businesses in a jurisdiction, as well as estimated disposal amounts for the residential sector.


Comments, suggestions, questions? Contact CalRecycle waste characterization staff at wastechar@calrecycle.ca.gov

Solid Waste Characterization: https://www2.calrecycle.ca.gov/WasteCharacterization/
Contact: wastechar@calrecycle.ca.gov